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The Fast Entry Tool you can depend on when seconds count!

The POW*R*ENTRY Tool breaches locked doors, gates, security bars, Fences, Padlocks quickly and Safely!

POW*R*ENTRY specially designed power and cutting heads break through obstacles with over 30,000 pounds of controlled force at the point of contact.


The Multifunction POW*R*ENTRY quickly:

Shears off Door Handles

Breaks off Dead Bolts

Rips through Security bars

Destroys Padlocks

Shears Hinges

Severs re-enforcing rods


The 10 shot POW*R*ENTRY is powered by standard powder actuated .27 caliber, low velocity strip loads.  These Power strips can be found in most hardware and tool shops.

It is not a gun.  No Moving parts separate from the tool, nor are there any big flashes or explosions.


“…The Chisel was used to breach the slide bolt on a dead lock.  It succeeded on all attempts on the first impact

Capt. S R Sury

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