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Particle Max P3 Filter - 6 pack

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Maximum Protection from Pandemic & Biological Threats

Modern gas masks provide unparalleled protection from a wide variety of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. And now, with the new MIRA Safety Particle Max P3 Filter, the same high-quality mask can protect you from bacterial and viral threats—including widespread pandemics like Ebola, coronavirus (including COVID-19) and H1N1.

This effectively turns your ultra-secure CBRN gas mask into a full-face respirator with the highest level of protection from airborne threats. Unlike common surgical masks and half-face respirators, you’ll get a perfect seal and full-face protection for everything including the soft tissue around your eyes.

Engineered using the latest in ULPA filtration technology, the same kind you’ll find in “clean rooms” where semiconductors are manufactured. These P3 filters meet some of the highest standards in practically every metric. 

They’re made using special filtration media and grade 16 filter paper, resulting in a MERV rating of 20 (the highest attainable for air filtration quality). ULPA filters at this level are handcrafted using specially made fiberglass material, then pushed through a rigorous quality control process to ensure consistent quality across each and every filter. 

They’ve also been subjected to extreme testing to ensure they’ll filter out any and almost all environmental biothreats. The filter is even hydrophobic, so you can wear your mask in a decontamination shower without compromising your safety.

The end result?

A filter and gas mask combo that’s practically impenetrable for almost all of the world’s biothreats.

To infect you, viruses must enter your system through particulate or aerosol intrusion. Once you’ve got a perfect seal around your full face (possibly even reinforced with a full-body HAZ-SUIT), it is practically impossible for these threats to enter your body.

NOTE: Due to their sophisticated and specialized construction, these filters will NOT provide protection from common CBRN threats and are primarily intended for protection from biological threats and airborne illnesses. We recommend keeping a variety of filters on hand to tackle whatever threat comes along. 

This product comes in a pack of six (6) sealed filters with a shelf life of 20 years. They’re designed for easy long-term storage and handling, with a single package of six filters providing a solid amount of protection for one user (though we recommend stocking a full 2-week supply, if possible).

Certification & Details:

 P3 R according to EN 143 Standard

 TH3 P R SL according to EN 12941

 TM3 P R SL according to EN 12942

 110 x 55 mm size

 Suitable for use with powered air purifying respirators (PAPR)

 Compatible with half-masks and full-face respirators

 Compatible with STANAG 4155, EN148-1, GOST threading

 P3 filtration removes 99.9999+% of airborne biothreats as small as 0.2 microns

 Hydrophobic internal construction suitable for chemical showers

 Incinerable for safe disposal after use

 Less than .05% penetration at up to 95 l/min. airflow

 Proven in aerosol concentrations of up to 20 ± 5 mg/m3


Our P3 filters can be stored the same way you’d store other gas mask filters: in a cool, dry place away from exposure to hazardous substances. The filters should be stored in their original packaging at temperatures from -58 to 122°F (-50 to +50°?) protected from the effects of precipitation and groundwater. Maximum humidity during storage of the filters is 98%. Storage in places other than those specified can affect shelf life. Shelf life expiration is specified on each filter. The shelf life of each filter is 20 year

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