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he Ryker Grip™ is the first in a new class of side mounted, forward supports. The Ryker Grip is an innovative, patent-pending, biomechanically optimized shooting method that has been proven on the battle field and on the range. By offsetting the operator’s support hand, Ryker Grip enables the shooter to engage targets faster and move naturally. The Ryker Grip was engineered and developed with the input and support of Special Operations Professionals, Special Operations Physicians, Law Enforcement Professionals, and Professional Competitive Shooters. The Ryker Grip is simply the next evolution in shooting .

Increased Speed Improved Accuracy Enhanced Stability Rapid Target Acquisition  Superior Recoil Management Dominant Eye Alignment Ergonomic Optimization Efficiency of Movement

The Ryker Grip™ was conceived by retired United States Marine Corps Master Sergeant Ron Holmes who served a 20 year career in Marine Force Recon and Marine Special Operations Command. Ron’s concept for the Ryker Grip™ was originally to enable people with shoulder injuries to continue to shoot effectively by optimizing and enhancing shooting ergonomics. He, along with two other veterans, formed Ryker USA, Inc. to bring the Innovation to market. By working closely with their key contacts, the Ryker Team was able to implement a robust testing and development program working directly with some of the best shooters in the world as well as medical doctors with Special Operations experience. Through this rigorous process, the Ryker Team discovered that there was more to the Ryker Grip™ than simply a new grip. The Ryker Team had created an entirely new and biomechanically superior shooting method significantly improving speed, accuracy, and stability for the operator. Ryker’s mission is to create products supporting the Ryker Grip™ shooting method and to help develop superior shooters by teaching the Ryker Grip™ shooting method globally.

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