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Propper - Aegis SAPI Tactical Vest

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Propper® Aegis SAPI Tactical Vest

The Aegis SAPI (Small Arms Protective Insert) plate carrier is a lightweight carrier designed for SAPI/ESAPI/Shooter cut plates. It can be worn with or without custom cut soft armor inserts. The cummerbund on the Aegis contains six pockets that will hold a range of items such as M4 and .308 magazines, pistols, and radios.

Plate Carrier

  • Removable side hard plate pockets
  • Foam inserts and mesh backing for comfort
  • Reinforced bottom loading plate pockets
  • Two-point emergency release system
  • Kangaroo pouch
  • Vest offered in S-XL sizes
  • Options

    • ID Placards
    • Level III or Level IV plates
    • Special threat plates
    • Available cummerbund soft armor inserts
    • ACE accessories
    • Kangaroo pouch insert

    See Ballistic and Spike Options

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