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Multi Purpose Tripper - 8 pack

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TRGear designed the Tripper for an Engineer Battalion in the 25th ID.  They wanted something small enough to clear a Sappers trail  or heavy enough to toss at a standoff  distance from a possible IED.  Soon it was with nearly every unit in Iraq.   
This simple little disposable grapnel has seen the worst of the middle east in the past 15 years by clearing tunnels, buildings, and land. 
Soldiers found it handy to bend the arms forward and gig frogs or spear fish.  They also used it as a small hand rake for personal gardens.
This 8 ounce, 1/8 inch, powder coated, laser cut steel is designed to fit into a 223 magazine pouch between magazines.  When its needed it is bent into place and connected to some .550 cord.  There is a tool built in that allows you to bend and break off the tips if you want sharp points. When finished with it you can bend it back or stomp it flat and reuse it later.

The Multi Purpose Tripper has an NSN (National Stock Number) and is part of numerous Engineer Sets, Kits, and Outfits.

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