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Long Reach RatRake™

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This 6’ long reach Break and Rake tool is designed to quickly break plate glass, rake remaining glass shards from window frame and pull down curtain rods. This window breaking tool is constructed from high strength steel to maximize strength yet is light enough for easy mobility.

The 6’ long pole is perfect for long reach operations yet can be disassembled for easy storage.

This tool includes:

  • High strength tool head: Head angle and teeth have been optimized for overhead work
  • Steel poles join together to create a 6’ long pole. Pole is strong enough for push/pull and bending forces but still lightweight. Two piece design allows for easy storage.
  • Rubberized grip on entire bottom pole and half of upper pole provides excellent control and comfort

Overall length is 84” when assembled. Collapsed length is 42
Catalog# WBR72

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