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EZ Rail -1911 Colt 45s

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Patent # 7, 117, 627 B2

EZ Rail has been tested and approved by:
Colt, M1911.org, Navy Seals, US Special Forces, and the Military Police.
It has seen action all over the world.
Not one has been returned! ,

*  Will stay solidly attached to your weapon
*  Won't scratch your weapon
*  Maintains bore-sight even after removed
*  Slips on and off of your 1911 in seconds.
Only need to replace the extended slide stop pin that comes with each 1911 EZ Rail;
most testers installed and removed the EZ Rail within a second.
EZ Rail was tested by numerous sources including:
Colt and M1911.ORG
M1911.Org wrote an amazing article in their E-Zine:

Colt had 27 certified shooters send thousands of rounds down range!
Their only comments were:
"after @565 rounds, you may need to tighten the little teflon screw a half turn."

EZ Rail accepts most Tactical lights and lasers including:
Inforce, Streamlight, Insight Tech, Sellmark, Firefield, Surefire, NC Star, and more

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