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EZ Rail - Beretta 92/96 FS Models

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Add on Rail for Beretta
Part Number: TRG_BT
Availability: Back Order.
When you need a tactical light or laser for your Beretta and you don't have a rail to install one, there are a few options.  
You can buy the add on rail that screws into your trigger guard and ruins the finish as well as dimpling the metal.
You can have an Armorer weld or tap holes into your pistol for a heavier metal rail
Or you can purchase TRGears EZ rail! 
It is the best, least expensive, and most simple way to add a rail to your Beretta 92/96 pistol!
You simply slip it on and off in seconds.  Bore Sight a laser on it... remove and reinstall.  It should keep its boresight!

The patented EZ rail has been sold for years.  
We have not had one unit returned! 
 Check out the video on this page!   
We initially called the EZ Rail the Tick...so our videos will call it the Tick! 

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