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Delta Tripper (8 pk)

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TRGear designed the Delta Tripper for the Special Operations and the Sappers for EOD operations as well as trail clearance. 
Our friend Jimmy Houston the famous Bass Fisherman, says it should be in every Tackle Box. 
This simple little disposable grapnel has seen the worst of the middle east in the past 15 years by clearing buildings to detonating IEDs. 
Now it is retrieving fishing poles and lures from the bottom of lakes.  
This 3 ounce, 1/8 inch, powder coated, laser cut steel is designed to be small enough to put into a wallet or a shirt pocket. When its needed it is bent into place and connected to some .550 cord or fishing line.  When finished with it you can stomp it flat and reuse it later.

The Delta Tripper has an NSN (National Stock Number) and is part of numerous Engineer Sets, Kits, and Outfits.
Soon, we hope to find it in every fishing tackle shop!


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