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Concealed Shield

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Your Price: $450.00
Part Number: CONSHLD
Availability: In Stock.
The Concealed Shield is an incredible new capability and welcome piece
of security equipment for executive and high risk situation protection.

It looks like and is used as an everyday computer and/or satchel bag, yet in seconds, opens up into a ballistic vest that provides
frontal protection from the waist up!
Pull the neck strap over your head and lock in the waist belt with it's quick connect buckle and you have a secure ballistic
product that will move with you.

The Concealed Shield also has a tear away panel that provides instantaneous access to the weapon of your choice and a number of other items such as:
* OC/ Pepper spray *additional magazines * handcuffs * knives * radios
* ID Badges, or anything else you might use for self defense.

All Concealed Shields are available with a DOJ certified level IIIA insert.
There is a pocket built in for Steel or Ceramic Plate protection.

A hidden, quick pull down, ID panel is available for Police and or other Government units.
Please specify!

Have your Unit Logo sewn into the outer portion of the Concealed Shield panel for a one time set up fee of $75.00 and then $25.00 per bag.

Call or email TRG for requests and for other levels of protection or other requests.
Multiple piece discount!

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