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APALS Velcro (All Purpose Light Strips) 10pk

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APALS® (All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips) with Velcro Backs
10 packs contain thin LED strips which can be used to mark your clothing, boats, 4 wheeler, weapons, and so much more.  Mark your trail in or out of the woods in the dark. They work great to color code different sectors, and can be used to keep both hunters and dogs well marked and safe when hunting in low light conditions. They operate for 200 hours and can you can utilize the 2 strobe modes and full on off modes  APALS® 10 packs are great when you need just a little light for checking maps or if a round is loaded in the chamber.  The aluminum surface works great as a daytime signaling mirror and the bright LED strobe modes are highly effective in getting the attention of a rescue team at night from miles away! . The patent pending APALS® 10 pack should be an essential part of every hunter field pack.

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