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APALS I/R 100pk (All Purpose Light Strips)

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Infra-Red APALS.  A Patent was recently applied for the I/R APALS to help rappel Mosquitoes. 
Yep.... put one on a collar or shirt pocket and for some reason mosquitoes do not like you!!! if this is true...they can be life savers!!

I/R APALS were born during war and are responsible for saving hundreds of lives for IFF (Identify Friendly or Foe) purposes.  US Soldiers owned the night and many times on missions units would get ready to light up a group of unknowns at night.  They put on their NODs (Night  Vision Devices) and amazingly...the men they are getting ready to shoot had on I/R identifiers.  Many were the APALS.  The initial APALS had a much shorter life of 35 hours...now these will run up to 200 hours...
Police can track undercover personnel night or day with a quick check through night vision devices. 
You can mark vehicles and follow at night from the ground or air!
You can use them in underground or cave searches to help your night vison devices.

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