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3M - ULW X-Back Retention

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ULW Helmet
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3M STRACK  ULW Ballistic, NIJ-IIIA Helmet

3M™ Ultra Light Weight (ULW) Helmet

Colors, - Black, Coyote Brown, or Tan.

Sizes - Medium, Large, and X-Large

Rails, NVG, 7 Pad Suspension

Boltless X-Back Retention, system 

Boltless Accessory Rails & Retention

  • Boltless Adjustable Retention Systems
  • Boltless Reverse Dovetail Slot Accessory Rail
  • Removable Picatinny Adapter
  • Rail Provisions for NVG Counterweight and O2 Mask
  • NVG Shroud with Bungee Cords

Tested in accordance to  NIJ Standard 0106.01 for  Ballistic Helmets to the  following NIJ 0108.01 IIIA Ballistic Resistance

Blunt Impact Protection

Test and evaluated with D3O® Trust Pad System to DOT&E protocol in accordance with AR/PD 10-02 Rev and GL/PD 09-04 (Latest version).

D30 Trust Helmet Pad System

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