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30" RatCutterX™

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Padlocks and bolts cut with ease when you extend this cutter from 19? to 30?. Handles fold open quickly and lock into place automatically. Adjustable cutting head for perfect alignment. Cutting capacity: 3/8?. Tactical black. 10 lbs.

Fast, precise cutting! Handles on these high quality bolt cutters extend from a compact 21” up to 28” for maximum cutting power. Push buttons lock the handles in open and closed positions allowing for use in both conditions. Locking mechanism has been designed to automatically
lock handles into position with very little operator effort.

Tool is produced in the USA and includes:

  • 3/8” cutting capacity
  • Heat treated black oxide blades (Replaceable)
  • Black telescoping handles lock in open and closed position
  • Overall length: 21” collapsed; 28” extended

Ships from manufacturer

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