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1Blue / Blue Law Enforcement Safety Light

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Amazing Police security light
Part Number: ELT BB
Availability: Get em while we got em!

Law Enforcement Safety Light

Rechargeable...EXTREME BATTERY LIFE!    150 HOURS!!!

Blue/Blue Wearable Safety Light 

  • Lightweight – Approximately 3 Oz
  • Durable – Water proof, dust proof, shock proof, IP68 Rated
  • Long Range Visibility – Tested 5+ miles visibility using high powered LEDs, 360°-degree illumination
  • Stealth Work Light Feature – Single red LED work light for low light environments
  • Enhanced Work Light Feature – 4 high powered white LEDs offer hands free work light
  • Four Different Brightness Settings – Low, Medium, High and MAX
  • Extreme Battery Life – Rechargeable lithium ion battery using USB Type-C charging cable (included)
  • Built in Magnet Mounting System – Built in Neodymium magnet and corresponding magnet clip (included) attaches to nearly any surface
  • Independent Light Controls – 4 different light controls provide maximum lighting versatility, including an all flash emergency mode
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